Beurer EM49 PainFree Digital TENS and EMS Machine


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    Product Description

    Beurer EM49 PainFree Digital TENS and EMS Machine – pain relief and rehabilitation from one device.

    The Beurer EM49 Digital TENS and EMS machine delivers natural pain-killing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, muscle-building electrical stimulation and relaxing impulse massage to targetted areas of the body.

    Via 4 self-adhesive electrodes, the medically certified EM49 delivers one of its 64 pre-programmed applications. The large backlit LCD display shows you exactly how to position the electrodes on your body for maximum effect, as well as displaying the intensity setting and treatment time. The treatment intensity is fully adjustable and controlled via two channels so you can get the balance just right. In addition to the 64 pre-set programmes, there are also 6 customisable programmes which you can set yourself with the help of your physiotherapist or health professional.

    Key features of the EM49 at a glance:

    – 64 pre-programmes applications for pain relief, strengthening and massage
    – 6 customisable programmes for personal therapy treatment set by a health professional
    – Includes 4 self-adhesive electrodes (45 x 45mm)
    – On-screen electrode positioning guide
    – Adjustable intensity
    – 2 adjustable channels
    – Treatment countdown timer
    – Safety switch-off
    – Certified medical device
    – Battery powered: 3x 1.5v AAA batteries (included).

    Q1. The device does not switch when the ON/OFF button is pressed. How to proceed:
    Q2. Electrodes do not adhere to the body. How to proceed:
    Q3. There is no noticeable stimulation. How to proceed:
    Q4. The battery symbol is shown. How to proceed:
    Q5. You have an unpleasant sensation at the electrodes. How to proceed:
    Q6. Skin in the treatment area turns red. How to proceed:
    (1) Ensure batteries have been inserted correctly and are in contact with the terminals.
    Replace batteries, if applicable.
    (2) Clean the adhesive surface of the electrodes using a damp, lint-free cloth. Replace the electrodes if they still do not adhere securely.
    Clean the skin prior to any application; do not use skincare lotions or oils prior to treatment. Shaving may increase the life of electrodes.
    (3) Press the ON/OFF button to interrupt the program. Check the connection cables are correctly connected to the electrodes. Ensure the electrodes are in firm contact with the treatment area.
    Ensure the connection plug is firmly connected to the device.
    Press the ON/OFF button to restart the program.
    Check electrode positions and ensure that adhesive electrodes do not overlap.
    Gradually increase the impulse intensity.
    The batteries are almost empty. Replace the batteries.
    (4) Replace all batteries.
    (5) The electrodes are not positioned correctly. Check their positions and re-position, if necessary.
    The electrodes are worn. This may cause irritated skin, as even distribution of the current across the entire area is no longer guaranteed. For this reason, replace the electrodes.
    (6) Immediately stop treatment and wait until your skin has returned to its normal condition. If the redness is under the electrode and disappears quickly, there is no risk – this is caused by the locally stimulated, increased blood flow. However, consult your doctor before you continue treatment if the skin irritation persists and this is accompanied by an itchy sensation or inflammation. This may be caused by an allergic reaction to the adhesive surface.

    Box Contains

    1 x Beurer EM49 Digital EMS/TENS Unit
    1 x Belt Clip
    2 x Connection Cables
    4 x Adhesive Electrodes (45 x 45 mm)
    3 x AAA Batteries
    1 x Instruction Manual
    3 Year Guarantee

    About this item

    • DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF: Medically certified TENS technology stops pain signals from reaching the brain for natural relief.
    • TARGETED APPLICATION: Apply TENS and EMS therapy to different parts of the body effectively with the on-screen electrode positioning guide.
    • 70 PROGRAMMES: 64 expertly designed programmes and 6 customisable programmes, all with adjustable intensity.
    • SOOTHING EMS: With 20 pre-set EMS massage programmes to release tension, increase well-being and encourage relaxation throughout the body.
    • DOCTORS FUNCTION: Saves your preferred settings for a quick-start every time you switch it on.
    • Includeds: 1x EM49 TENS/EMS machine, 2x connection cable, 4x electrodes 45×45 mm, 1x belt clip, 3x batteries AAA, 1x instruction manual

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